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  • What types of bags do you offer?
    Multiwall Paper Sacks - Suitable for packaging of tea and spices Multiwall Rigid Sacks - Suitable for packaging of leafy grade teas
  • What is the difference between Multiwall Paper Sacks and Multiwall Rigid Sacks?
    Multiwall paper sacks are made from 2-4 layers of Sack Kraft paper. Once filled, the sacks retain a rounded shape due to the flexible nature of the paper material. On the other hand, multiwall rigid sacks are made from a combination of Kraft liner board and a laminated Sack Kraft inner liner. The liner board provides the necessary rigidity and strength to the sack, while the inner liner ensures that the contents are protected from moisture and other external elements. Unlike multiwall paper sacks, multiwall rigid sacks hold their shape even when filled and take on a brick-like appearance, making them ideal for stacking and storage purposes.
  • What are the dimensions of your bags?
    Mutltiwall Paper Sacks 1120 x 720 x 180mm - 60 - 68kgs 950 x 720 x 180mm - 55kgs 900 x 720 x 180mm - 50kgs 790 x 610 x 180mm - 35kgs 660 x 610 x 180mm - 25 kgs 570 x 610 x 180mm - 20 kgs Mutltiwall Rigid Sacks 1100 x 500 x 205mm 635 x 495 x 205mm
  • Are your bags customizable?
    Yes, the dimensions can be customised
  • What is the lead time for ordering bags?
    Three weeks
  • Are the bags compliant with any industry standards?
    Yes, They comply with the following standards Sri Lanka Standard EATTA India
  • Can I request a sample bag before placing an order?
    Yes, you can!
  • Can i become an agent for your company?
  • Are the bags suitable for export or international shipping?
    Yes, our bags are used in over 20 countries
  • What is the minimum order quantity for bags?
    1000 Sacks
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