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Multiwall Paper Sack

Lightweight, robust and flexible, the Multiwall Paper Sacks are specially made to meet the ever growing demand for eco-friendly packing of tea and spices. The thickness of the ply is confirmed according to customer requirement, and a range from single to six ply is available. The innermost ply is laminated with metallized polyester, which acts as a barrier to odour and moisture. This unique method provides an effective alternative to aluminium foil which has adverse effects when storing contents for a longer period

Multiwall Paper Sack
Multiwall Paper Sack
Multiwall Paper Sack

Product Specification 

  • Made from three to four layers of Standard Sack Kraft Paper with the inner most ply being laminated with Metallized Polyester.  

  • Sizes -   

    • 1120 x 720 x 180 mm - 60 - 68kg

    • 950 x 720 x 180 mm - 55kgs

    • 900 x 720 x 180 mm - 50kgs

    • 790 x 610 x 180 mm - 35kgs

    • 660 x 610 x 180 mm - 25 kgs

    • 570 x 610 x 180 mm - 20 kgs

  • Mouth Types – Open top / Valve Top

  • Print - Color printed as per customer requirement

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Strength in Every Layer: Experience the Power of 2-Ply Multiwall Paper Sacks

We are excited to unveil the newest addition to our product line: a 2-ply bag that offers the same level of strength and durability as our traditional 4-ply option, while also being more sustainable and eco-friendly. By choosing this option, our customers can now reduce their environmental footprint, while still receiving the same level of protection for their products.

Through the development of this new 2-ply bag, we have been able to significantly decrease the amount of material used in production, which not only reduces costs, but also saves an impressive 28 trees for every 100,000 bags produced. This is a significant achievement, as it demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment.

Inner Layers of 2 Ply Paper Sack

Inner Layers of 2- Ply Paper Sack

In addition to the environmental benefits, this new 2-ply bag also offers cost savings for our customers, making it a win-win situation for both the environment and their bottom line. We are proud to offer this innovative product, and are confident that it will be well received by our customers, who are increasingly concerned about the impact of their choices on the environment.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to create a more sustainable future by choosing our 2-ply bag for your packaging needs. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment, while still meeting the needs of your business.

Drop Test at Tea Research Institute, Talawakale

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